10 Best Video Editing Softwares For Youtube Beginners

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Larger YouTube channels with more than one person in charge of editing love it because multiple people can collaborate on a project and communicate their ideas through the program. If you were hoping to use a multi-camera setup or to shoot in 360 degrees, you’ll find iMovie lacking in support.

There are a lot of video editing software options out there. Some of them will genuinely be better than others, but there are few, if any, right or wrong answers to which video editing software you should use. RAM – While some software recommends at least 4GB of RAM, you probably want to make sure you have at least 8GB, though more is better. If you’re doing particularly complex or very high resolution video editing (4K+), you’ll be happier with 16GB or more. Maybe you’re just trying to put together a highlight reel from your family vacation and only need to cut down long recorded segments into your favorite moments and splice them together.

Shotcut is a great place to start learning how to edit video. I started on there and upgraded to PremierePro when my needs became greater than that of a free video editor.

Shotcut – Shotcut is a free, open source video editor for people who want to move up from the most basic editors but don’t want or need a fully featured editor. It offers an interface that is friendly for new editors and a rich set of features, though it won’t meet the needs of especially complicated projects. HitFilm Express – HitFilm Express offers an impressive selection of features with a particular focus on high end special effects capabilities wrapped up in an intuitively designed package. The free version offers an impressive toolset, but you also have the option to upgrade through premium add-ons or various pro bundles with even more capabilities.

It’s great for building storylines and learning the basics of putting a video together with different shots all cut together (wonder where their name came from?). But when you need better exporting power and better rendering software it is definitely worth upgrading to a paid service after practicing on the free platform.

  • Thankfully, this only adds more export formats while all of Lightworks’ editing capabilities are free.
  • Premiere Pro CC is a professional-grade video editing software.
  • Along with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, it is the accepted standard in movie and TV production.
  • PC users looking for free video editing software should download Lightworks as it offers the most comprehensive set of tools at no cost.
  • The learning curve is steep, but you’ll be able to do almost as much as with premium software once you’re comfortable with it.
  • Pro YouTubers like using Premiere Pro as well because of its flexibility and the thousands of editing tools at their disposal.

Any of the above software apps would make a fine choice for a beginner. Here are our recs for the top 10 best pieces of video editing software or video editing apps for beginners—from cheapest (i.e. free!) to most expensive. Premiere Pro CC gives YouTubers unparalleled customization options to tweak both the video and audio portion of their content. It works with virtually all video formats so you don’t have to pay attention to which camera you’re using.

The app features professional templates that allows you to create amazing title effects and then share it on social media in a few clicks. It is a convenient tool to work with videos that you capture with your smartphone. As for converting and editing video, I think the easy tool for you should be this one. It is DRmare M4V Video Converter, which can not only convert videos from iTunes, but also can change the common files to other video formats with lossless quality. And you can use it to edit your videos, like adding effects, watermark, subtitles, etc.

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It uses only two video tracks so more complicated video editing is out of the question. Still, iMovie is an incredibly powerful, not to mention free video editor anyone can pick up and get a solid understanding before moving on to bigger things. Apart from being easy to pick up, iMovie is praised by YouTubers for being rich in features and a great learning tool for both video editing and conceptualization. Equally important are its straightforward sharing options and the ability to project your creation onto other Apple devices.

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The practice is the best way to improve your skills in anything, including video editing. Please choose one or a few tools from this collection, install them, and start practicing. You can get started with simple videos from your smartphone. Here are best youtube to mp3 converter the answers to the most common questions about video editing software.

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